Product Care


We've come up with a short list of six things you need to remember so your pieces stay in shape. Read the list carefully to learn how to care - fully - for your Centimes pieces.

1. Your pieces are quite fond of each other, but they also need their space. Store them separately to prevent scratching.

2. Our boxes have a soft, velvet spot for your headpieces. Keep your pieces safe and sound in boxes that were made to host them.

3. Chemophobia- your headpieces have it! Avoid chemicals such as hairspray, chlorine, and bleach as they harm your pieces irreversibly.

4. Show your pieces some love when you polish them. Caress them gently with a damp soft cloth, and watch them brighten up with happiness.

5. Your headpieces absolutely love being pampered and cleansed , but they are easily bruised by cleaning dips that aren't suitable for gold-plated items.

6. Your headpieces have such a perfect, delicate glow. Avoid exposing them to too much sunlight and other extreme conditions.