All About Centimes Bourgeois

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How It All Started

It seems that Centimes Bourgeois had a pulse of its own ever since the first Centimes Bourgeois headpiece was created. The brides, the inspiration, and the customers just kept flooding in. Since then, we’ve crowned plenty of beautiful women for different special occasions.

As the brains of the operation, Interior designer Léa Farah graduated with honors, but she was not as passionate about interior design as she was about jewelry. Instead of designing the roof over our heads, she now designs the jewelry we wear on our heads. Her passion took her to London where she majored in Gemology and mastered the art of making people glow.




More About Centimes Bourgeois

Each and every precious Centimes Bourgeois piece is entirely handmade using the finest pearls, Swarovski rhinestones, gemstones and diamonds.

Centimes is based in Beirut and all our pieces are made there by local craftsmen and jewelry experts. Our pieces are all designed by the founder and owner of Centimes Bourgeois, Léa Farah. 

The entire CB team always looks forward to making more lovely ladies shine and pass their carefully embellished pieces to the generations to come.


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