Looking for a Special Bouquet?

A timeless bouquet that isn't heavy, doesn't need water, doesn't wilt, can match almost any bridal look. It's a bouquet so classy and so shiny, you'll never want to throw it!

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Why Centimes Bourgeois?

Léa, thank you soo sooo much for the beautiful headpiece. Everyone loved it!! 

- Sarah Al Saati | Bahrain

The amount of compliments I got for my headpiece were insane. People kept asking me where I got it from. I hope you have time for the dozen Egyptian brides coming your way! 

- Aliya Tantawy | Egypt

You are so great to work with! Will definitely be recommending you to my friends... The headpiece is exactly how I imagined it!

Haneen Hindi - Qatar

Thank you for making everything so simple and easy. You guys are the best!

- Joelle Riga | Greece

I'm so lucky I chose CB. Thank you for your support and creativity! You made everything great and memorable! <3 

- Elsy Chamoun | Lebanon

Special Designs?

... If you have your heart set on a particular design, we'll make it happen! Just fill in the form and follow the instructions to help us understand what you have in mind, and we'll get back to you!

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